Bottom Drains

Having a pond bottom drain can boost pond quality.  The drain helps reduce pond maintenance as they help filter organics and help with the circulation as well.  PondGardener has plenty of great pond drains to choose from.  We have many affordable and long lasting drains that will make pond maintenance easy to do!  Give us a call today at (855) 781-4747.
Dreampond: Koi Toilet Bottom Drains
EasyPro: Bottom Drains (3-in and 4-in)
Rhino  - Overflow, Drain or Side Wall Return
Rhino I Bottom Drain
Rhino Retrofit Drain
RhinoAir 4”  - Rhino II

RhinoAir 4” - Rhino II

from $ 85.00
from $ 69.99
Tetra: Screened Bottom Drain
United Aquatics: 90 Degree Bottom Drains