AquaBead 2.5 Mashimizu System- 5000 Gallon

by GCTek
$ 6,019.95
$ 5,629.95



The Mashimizu system is the latest innovation from Grand Champion Technologies. Mashimizu is the japanese word for "Clean Water" and that's exactly what this system delivers! This complete system includes the Vortek SS Delux PreFilter, WunderFlo energy efficient pump, ZP-5 36 Watt Zapp Pure UV clarifier and an AquaBead bead filter


AquaBead 2.50 filter
Wunderflo 1/5 HP Energy Efficient External Pump
Zapp Pure ZP-5 36 Watt UV
Vortek SS Delux PreFilter

Mashimizu Pre-Plumbing Package that includes all plumbing, pipework, unions at all connections with all system components set up on an all weather pads ready to be set up and enjoyed quickly and efficiently.
Backwash in as little as 3 minutes per week
Lifetime warranty on AquaBead filter



The AquaBead filter is the standard for bead filters and preferred by Koi enthusiasts and water garden professionals.
All Grand Champion Technologies AquaBead filters include a long list of desired standard features.

The AquaSwirl Internal Vortex is a unique circulation pattern that spins solids to the center of the filter where they collect and are easily purged through the AquaBead Sludge Drain Valve

The AquaBead Bead Agitator is a dynamo powerhouse of air output! During backwash operation this 1.5 hp blower breaks up any beads that have packed together, allowing sludge to be flushed while beneficial bacteria is retained

ALISS is the AquaBead Life Support System. In the event of pump failure or system shut an air hose from an external pond pump can be attached to a one way valve mounted on the front of the multiport valve. This enables you to keep precious bacteria alive indefinitely.

GC Tek stands behind their products with one of the strongest warranties in the business. Every AquaBead filter is backed with a Limited LIFETIME Warranty



The revolutionary Vortek SS Delux is a prefilter that truly separates all debris prior to the pump. Water flows to the Vortek SS Delux prior to the pump where the debris is removed in two ways.

Heavier non buoyant debris settles to the bottom of the prefilter

Lighter, buoyant debris will rise into the floating media pack wehre it is caught and held in a relatively calm area within the pack where it waits until it is backwashed out

Weekly backwashing is recommended and very easy to do. During this process the media balls and debris are exposed to over a 100 cu. ft. per minute of air that breaks up accumulated debris, algae, fish poop, etc. What goes on inside of the tank is very violent during this time and anything inside the unit is broken into minute particles that are easily backwashed out of the unit. Once this is done you are ready to enjoy another week of trouble free enjoyment.



ZP-5 36 Watt - 5" x 23"
High intensity single lamp design
Heavy duty 316 stainless steel
4" non flow robbing chamber for maximum kill
Horizontal or vertical mounting
Polished inside and out for total reflection
Electronic ballasts
All stainless steel including entire leak tite assembly



These monsters were designed just for Koi ponds. Designed by GC Tek, these pumps offer high performance combined with power efficiency. All WunderFlo pumps include a 3 year warranty.

Model: WunderFlow
HP: 1/4
RPM: 1725
Volts: 115/ 230
Hz: 50/60
Amps: 2.8/1.5


Additional Information:

The Mashimizu is the answer for Pure Water. Everything that we know about what it takes to make Pure Water for a pond is included in the Mashimizu package.

For good water in a pond you need Prefiltration that comes before the pump so debris is separated prior to the pump and is not "pureed" into a high organic froth. This is provided by the Vortek SS Delux. Water enters the Vortek SS Delux first as it comes from the pond. Due to the out standing success with the Vortek SS Delux it is now standard equipment on our flag ship system. In the past the regular Vortek SS was what came on the Mashimizu system but starting in 2011 allMashimizu systems come with the Vortek SS Delux.

Next the water flows to one of the WunderFlo or Artesian 2 pumps. The Mashimizu is the answer for Pure Water. Everything that we know about what it takes to make Pure Water for a pond is included in the Mashimizu package.

Water then flows to the heart of the system, the AquaBead or the AlphaONE filter, which acts as a Biological and Mechanical filter. Here in the AquaBead/AlphaONE filter beneficial bacteria lives to perform the Biological portion of its job. As the Bacteria coats each individual bead within the filter the Mechanical part of its job is performed as the beads become sticky with biofilm. As the water passes through the filter these "sticky" beads grab even the smallest of debris particles.

Lastly on its journey through the Mashimizu system the water is exposed to the powerful Zapp Pure Ultraviolet light where algae, bacteria and virus are terminated.

All of the above components are carefully hand assembled and plumbed on an all weather black pad. Hand tightened unions are used to assembled the plumbing and then each piece is removed, labeled and carefully packaged for shipment. Upon delivery the system is then easily moved into place and reassembled in less than an hour by simply hand tightening the unions back together. All of the components together equal a lot of weight, but with each one packaged separately the heaviest part of the system is an empty filter shell. This allows one person to set the system in place without the need of friends or neighbors.

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