Aquascape Barley Straw Extract

$ 8.78
Aquascape ® EcoBarley - Liquid Barley Straw Extract for Ponds. Barley straw has been used for hundreds of years to promote clean clear water conditions in ponds and streams. EcoBarley™ Liquid Extract is a pharmaceutical-grade, fermented barley extract that has been concentrated to give you a clean clear pond. The added enzymes will help reduce pond maintenance by breaking down pond sludge and keeping filter pads cleaner.

  • Barley Extract
  • Quickly provides clear, clean pond conditions
  • Great for spring start-ups and new ponds
  • Starts working instantly
  • Concentrated formulation with added enzymes
  • Simple to use Dosing and Application rates
  • Safe for fish, plants and animals
  • Pharmaceutical-grade product
  • Eco Friendly

98903: 8-oz: Treats up to 4,800 Gal. 1 Pump treats 100 Gal.

98904: 16-oz: Treats up to 9,600 Gal. 1 Pump treats 100 Gal.

98905: 32-oz: Treats up to 19,200 Gal. 1 Pump treats 100 Gal.

98906: 1-Gal.: Treats up to 76,800 Gal. 1 Pump treats 500 Gal.

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