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As pondless water features and disappearing waterfalls continue to increase in popularity, Atlantic's Echo Chamber Series fills a much needed role. Whether used in combination with a FastFalls unit in a run or as a stand-alone unit in a fountain application, an echo chamber not only serves as a collection basin for pumping, but also amplifies natural water sounds and enhances the aural beauty of your water feature.

Features a self-supporting polyethylene receptacle and a steel grate cover. As water hits stone and small boulders on the grate and falls into the bottom, an echo is produced - adding a new dimension to the fast growing segment of disappearing waterfalls.

  • Dimensions: 46""W x 29""D x 27""H Max Pump Flow: 10,000 gph Capacity: 100 gallons
  • Grate: Polyethylene w/heavy-duty support bars or Galvanized Steel
  • Echo Chambers Features Rugged HDPE or galvanized steel top grate for supporting gravel or stone
  • Deep basin accommodates pump and check valve assembly (pump and assembly sold separately)
  • Drill-point areas accommodate autofill assembly (assembly sold separately)
  • Rugged high-molecular weight polyethylene shell warranted for life
  • Drill-point areas accommodate the addition of overflows, cleanout drains, and lighting (all sold separately)
  • Modular design allows two or more Echos to be joined together
  • Model: ECT250


ATLECT250 - Echo Chamber Series Fountain Basin w/ Polyethylene Grate

ATLSEC250 - Echo Chamber Series Fountain Basin w/ Galvanized Steel Grate

ATLECT250 - Echo Chamber w/ Polyethelene Grate

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