Atlantic Water Gardens Wall Spout Light

$ 89.99
$ 61.99

It’s easy to add the dimension of light to our solid brass Spouts! Check out our new SOL LED Spout Lights, available in both Warm White and Color Changing.

Atlantic Spout Lights feature an additional in-line disconnect for the LED driver so the wire can be fed through electrical conduit. For best results use a minimum 1” conduit for all lighting projects.

Spout Lights are designed to work in formal Wall Spout applications, but are also ideal to illuminate the flow from cored boulders. Use a minimum 1” threaded tee at the bottom of the boulder for best results.

Requires either:

SOL30X4 or SOL88X10


Color:  Warm White
Beam Angle:  45°
Thread Size:  1" MPT
Volts:  2
Watts:  2
Dimensions:  1 1/2" Dia x 1/8" H
Warranty:  5 Years

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