EasyPro Pro-Series Skimmer Extension Tube

by EasyPro
$ 96.29
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EasyPro Pro-Series Skimmer Extension Tube makes your pond look much more natural by moving the skimmer box away from the pond.

  • 24" long extension tube allows skimmer to be set back from the pond edge
  • Allows for planting between the pond and skimmer making it easier to hide
  • Can be bolted together to create longer extensions if needed
  • Price includes extension tube and bolts for installation
  • Ideal for use in concrete walls


  • Fits PSM, PSMEX, PS1 Skimmers
  • 9 lbs.


  • Fits PSA3600D, 5000, 7000, 9000 Skimmers
  • 9 lbs


  • Fits PS2 skimmers
  • 12 lbs.

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