GCTek Aqaubead Media 1CF

by GCTek
$ 139.95

AquaBead bead filter media. 1 Cubic Foot

AquaBead Bio Media

Included in all AquaBead(tm) and AquaBead Plus(tm) Systems, we're really excited about these BioGems beads.

As you probably already know, if you have done research on bead filters, the beads float. The more buoyancy that the beads have, the better off we are. To increase buoyancy we have added air to each individual bead during manufacture. Why is this important? Because we want the beads to stay as close as possible to the top of the filter during backwash. We want the beads to stay afloat so they stay away from the outlet slots on the bottom laterals so as not to choke off the laterals preventing the debris from leaving the filter. This was never a problem with the old media, but this new design makes for an even better, more buoyant media.

Besides the air injection technique, we have Dimpled the surface of Bio-Gems, to add more surface and non- abrasion area for the bacteria. This allows for undisturbed colonies of bacteria during backwash, thus creating a bead filter not prone to stumbling after a rigorous back-washing. The size of the bead was slightly downsized, for added surface area, as well.

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