by Kasco
$ 4,648.00
Cord Length
  • Available 208/240V 3 Phase
  • Complete Package includes Assembled Motor Unit, UV Resistant High Density Thermoplastic Float, Three 50’ Braided Nylon Mooring Lines, and SOOW Rated 4 Wire Power Cable
  • Operates in 20” (51cm) of Water
  • Total Component Listed by ETL to meet UL and CSA Standards for Safety in Water
  • Sacrificial Zinc Anode Installed for Corrosion Protection and use in Salt Water Applications
  •  Series 300 Austenitic Stainless Steel Construction of Exposed Metal; Salt Water Compatible
  •  3 Year Warranty
  • UPS Shippable
  • Power Cable Potted Quick Disconnect with Stainless Steel Strain Relief
  •  Energy Efficient with Excellent GPM/ kW Rates
  • Industrial Strength Design
  • Top Intake for Shallow Water Operation
  •  Optional Bottom Screen with 84 Vertical Screening Bars with Less Than 1” Gaps to Keep Debris Out and Allow for Maximum Water Flow Into the Unit
  •  Optional Power Control Panel with 24 Hour Timer and 30ma GFI Protection

Submersed motor with top intake pushes the water into the air using an open propeller design.

 Individual water droplets absorb oxygen from the atmosphere and return to the body of water transferring oxygen from the air and into the water.Moving water mixes and agitates the water, spreading oxygenated water throughout the body of water.  Single open propeller design allows for greater water flow with a lower likelihood of clogging and smaller water droplets to increase total surface area for oxygen transfer. Coated stainless steel cage or propeller guard shall catch large debris and assist in reducing the likelihood of clogging while allowing for maximum water flow into the unit.

Kasco 2.3A 2HP 3 Phase Aerator Technical Specs

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