KoiKeeper 5K System

by GCTek
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$ 3,157.95
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Very similar to the PLUS system we've had for many years but with a lower price tag.
This system comes with one of the Stainless Steel Bodied ZapTek2 UV'sfor clear healthy water along with an AlphaONE or AquaBead filter and a 2 speed pump like the PLUS systems.

The KoiKeeper5K comes as a no options system to keep the cost low as possible. If options are needed, like a different pump, prefilter, etc., then the PLUS system would be better suited to your needs.

We've made these simple, but effective and efficient, for people who need a good and reliable filtration system but want to keep costs to a minimum.

The KoiKeeper5K system is for ponds up to 5000 gallons and comes with either an AlphaONE 2.5 or AquaBead 2.5 filter, a 3/4 HP 2 speed pump and a ZapTek2 40 watt UV all preplumbed on a 36" x 48" pad. The 36" is side to side and the 48" is front to back.

What is the difference between the AlphaOne filter and AquaBead filter?

The bio-media inside!

AlphaOne bead filter media.

AlphaOne Bio Media

To answer this we have to understand the difference between bead filters and how they trap solids and how the AlphaONE accomplishes this task. Bead filters trap solids in the first few inches of the bead pac(causing clogging, flow disruption and pressure rises in the vessel) while theAlphaONE with its uniquely designed AlphaBioONEmedia stops the debris evenly through out the pac (resulting in greater flow, less head or back pressure, less maintenance.) The polishing ability of the filter is one it's most desirable features, based upon comments that into us from the field.

AlphaBioONEmedia was specially designed for this filter and this filter only. It is not something borrowed from another industry and used in the filter.


With the AlphaBioONE media there are no hidden areas for anaerobic bacteria, to harbor and stagnate, only beneficial bacteria.

AquaBead bead filter media.

AquaBead Bio Media

Included in all AquaBead(tm) and AquaBead Plus(tm) Systems, we're really excited about these BioGems beads.

As you probably already know, if you have done research on bead filters, the beads float. The more buoyancy that the beads have, the better off we are. To increase buoyancy we have added air to each individual bead during manufacture. Why is this important? Because we want the beads to stay as close as possible to the top of the filter during backwash. We want the beads to stay afloat so they stay away from the outlet slots on the bottom laterals so as not to choke off the laterals preventing the debris from leaving the filter. This was never a problem with the old media, but this new design makes for an even better, more buoyant media.

Besides the air injection technique, we have Dimpled the surface of Bio-Gems, to add more surface and non- abrasion area for the bacteria. This allows for undisturbed colonies of bacteria during backwash, thus creating a bead filter not prone to stumbling after a rigorous back-washing. The size of the bead was slightly downsized, for added surface area, as well.

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