Performance Pro: ArtesianPro Pumps -High Head

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ArtesianPro is the pump you need for your higher flow applications. It not only delivers great flow rates at useable heads, but it does so efficiently! You get the safety and convenience of self-priming along with great energy savings. For ease of use, it provides a large strainer basket and an easy open Lexan lid. The specially designed lid and clamp ring insure a positive seal with minimal o-ring wear.

Money saving high efficiency pump and motor units.
Quick disconnect unions are included.
2″ or 3″ fittings are available for easy attachment. (Note: 3″ also fits 2 1/2″ pipe.)
Long life corrosion resistant Stainless Steel shaft seals.
Impeller interchangeability allows you to easily change your pump’s performance.
Top-of-the-line U.S. motors. All 1725 rpm units are totally enclosed and fan cooled for extended service life.
Units offer quiet operation.
Safety first! External out of the water pumps help protect you from annoying and potentially dangerous oil leaks and electrical hazards.
3 year limited warranty.

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