Pond Force: Advanced LED Pond Lights and Kit.

$ 74.49

The all NEW Advanced LED Pond Lights by Pond Force are great for adding a new dimension to your pond or landscape by bringing it to life at night! 

These compact pond lights put off a very bright, white LED lights have a durable metal body, and are great for use in or out of water! 

With 3 Watts per light, these are just what you need to make your pond pop at night!

Lights are SEALED so last longer!

3 WATTS per light

One Year Warranty.

Dimensions - 2.53" Dia. each

33 ft. power cord per light


PFQL25 - (1) Advanced LED Pond Light 

PFQL25-3 - 3 Light Kit (Advanced LED Pond Light)

  • Kit Includes: (3) Advanced LED Lights, Transformer, 3 Way Splitter


Note: Lights are sealed so no replacement of bulbs

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