Pro Eco FP/FPS Filter Pumps

by Pro Eco
$ 209.98
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The FP and FPS Series pumps are specifically designed for use in pond and water garden filtration systems. These pumps will handle up to 3/8” solids and remove them from the pond which greatly improves overall water quality and reduces maintenance. The FPS pumps add the feature of a second suction inlet, for use with skimmers or additional bottom suction. The FP and FPS pumps are specifically designed to deliver high water flow at very low energy consumption. This makes these pumps ideal for continuous operation. Since these pumps use asynchronous technology, the flow rate can be electronically controlled. This means the output is completely adjustable and the pump only uses the power necessary for the desired flow.

Pro Eco FP/FPS Filter Pumps Technical Specs

  • Solids handling, passes up to 3/8" particles
  • Energy efficient mag drive
  • In-line capable 



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